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The magic is in Mobile

Most website owners are already well aware of how crucial it is to have a Mobile-responsive website. During the past four years Mobile devices have overtaken Desktop devices as the main means of access to the Internet and this tendency is only growing. Are we paying enough attention to the actual user-experience (UX) on Mobile devices or is the look/feel of Mobile-responsive website design still viewed as an afterthought?

Desktop devices (think 24-inch screen) will never lose their delicious cinematic appeal: browsing through large pictures and experiencing more of the website on a single screen than what can be done on Mobile. In certain industries your Desktop site will probably always be where returning visitors will go to immerse themselves in your information. However, in order to build your army of loyal followers your website has to, first, be discovered by new users. This is the pivotal point where Mobile comes into the contemporary picture.

The Development of any new website should be Mobile-focused. This does not mean that Desktop sites should be neglected but Mobile has to be put first. This makes business sense. In our Analytics Reporting at Xeitweb we already see that most of our clients, during any given month, tend to have 48 – 55% of their total website traffic from Mobile devices. Of the Mobile percentage, easily, 80% of the traffic would be new site visitors. This means that whichever industry you are in there is, roughly, a 70% chance that your website will first be discovered (by a first-time site visitor) on a Mobile device.

The first-time discovery of your business website by an Internet user is a make-or-break moment for your Brand. If the Mobile user-experience is immersive and easy to navigate the Internet-user could immediately relate to your brand and access the primary information they have been hoping to find. Depending on your Brand message, or the industry you are in, the first-time visitor to your Mobile site could then later visit your site on a Desktop device because they have already established a connection with your Brand. However, if the first experience of your website on Mobile is unpleasant or frustrating you could lose a site visitor and potential customer.

How do we ensure that the crucial, initial experience of your website on Mobile is an excellent experience? We do not conceptualise a Desktop site and then take it to Mobile as an afterthought. The first step is to approach the design of your Mobile site in a different way to the Desktop version of your site. Auto-responsive technology is our (greatly beloved) friend but as soon as the design of a website becomes intricate, which is often needed, the bridge between Desktop and Mobile cannot all be left to auto-stacking. Elements such as font choice, font sizes, image sizes and even colour tones need to be adapted. Beautiful hover-effects used on a Desktop site need to be replaced with equally immersive visual elements on Mobile, all within the same design style of the relevant website.

However much of a cliché, the expression “first impressions last” will forever be true. Let’s put your Mobile site first as this is where your Brand will be discovered. In order to grow your business you should not rely on existing site visitors alone. Let’s make the first-time online (Mobile) discovery of your Brand an excellent user-experience.

– Willem Botha, Director

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