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Few things in life are more exciting, and empowering, than knowledge. Knowledge stems from access to information. My fascination with the Internet started in the 90’s when I first gasped at the vast wealth of information I suddenly had at my fingertips. What I regarded, then, as a privilege is now taken for granted by Millennials because we live in a time when “just Google it” is a commonly-used phrase, as it should be.

At the core of my attraction to the Internet has always been what lies beneath it: the “mechanics” driving it. What happens between me doing a search and the relevant information being presented to me?

After 21 years in Publishing I purchased a Puzhr Online Marketing franchise in 2014 and started operating as Puzhr Mother City. I completely started indulging my romance with the Internet. With the support of my Franchisor I greedily started gathering information and honing my expertise.

In 2018 I re-branded my business as Xeitweb (PTY) LTD and started operating as an independent Online Marketing agency. At Xeitweb we put our clients first and, after completing many urgent projects, we’ve only just had the time to launch our website:

The nutshell version of our mission statement: we use the power of the Internet to connect businesses with potential customers by making these businesses visible online. We regard websites (and other Digital Assets), first and foremost, as business tools. We want to make being online fun, seamless and profitable for our clients.

It feels great to now be sharing my passion for, and knowledge of, the Internet to empower businesses with knowledge and the visibility and accessibility to be truly successful.

– Willem Botha, Director

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