Rocket fuel for websites

Rocket fuel for websites

Having a website is a good start for your Online Presence but it, alone, is not the key to online success. Your website needs Search Engine Marketing.

I still come across a surprising amount of website owners who expect to be successful online just because they have a website. Having a website is a very good start but it, alone, is not the key to success. Having nothing more than a website and only relying on word-of-mouth a business owner might as well promote their website with printed flyers or do it telephonically.

A simple analogy: if you own a car, do you have transport? Technically, yes. But, if you do not have fuel in the tank of your car you technically do not have transport. This is where the connection between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and your website comes into the picture.

SEO relates the content of your website to Search Engines, such as Google. This enables potential customers to find your website without having to know the name of your Brand. Internet users are looking for your products, or services, and these are the search terms they type into Search Engines in order to find your website. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works in a similar way.

Search Engines favour quality content. For this reason a successful website needs to be built “Search Engine-ready” containing the structure and content that Search Engines prefer to present to Internet users. Search Engine ranking, through either SEO or PPC, puts the fuel in the tank of your website to be visible on the Internet and accessible to potential customers. The combination of a quality website (built for Search Engine success), quality website content and effective Search Engine Optimisation is a sure-fire way of making your business successful online.

– Willem Botha, Director